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that I had ever seen or could dance with

Take the Dead German Composer Test!

As if I'm really Mozart. I think this was the usual case of choosing too diverse answers, so it didn't know what to make of the result and fell back on milquetoast. Or something. ^_^'>

Take the Dead German Composer Test!

Let's not forget how all the horn players of the world will also hate... O, forget it. You know what's funny? We played all the pieces they listed on the page as well-known at the Strauss Ball. :P

Take the Dead German Composer Test!

This was a deliberate effort. Take the quiz and you'll know how I did it. :P

Take the Dead German Composer Test!

"He was a pretty creepy guy. Like, really creepy; so much so that you feel psychologically distant from him. I mean, you read his autobiography and you wonder why no one shot him." -Henry Klumpenhouwer, 2nd year music theory

Take the Dead German Composer Test!

Don't know much about Bruckner. Perhaps it's just as well. :P

Take the Dead German Composer Test!

Yay, trains! Hindemith is my hero. <3

Take the Dead German Composer Test!

Take the Dead German Composer Test!

That was fun. ^_^

Now then. I just observed a rehearsal/run of a piece for the Quick and Dirty Performance Festival, which is next Wednesday (so obviously I will not be able to attend...) It was a piece for horn and narrator, done by Jenny and a girl called Jacqueline. I love it. It was really neat, and well accomplished. It made me happy. ^_^

When I go home, I will put in laundry, start packing, and go to bed and sleep all afternoon/evening. Then I will get up, maybe do more laundry, finish packing, and play Final Fantasy all night. Then I will get ready and leave at 5 or 5:30 in the morning, and sleep on the bus. There is no way I would get to bed earlier than 2 the way my sleep schedule has been this week, so Graeme recommended a full wraparound. This might get me back on track, sort of. Considering that we're travelling overnight to Vancouver, it doesn't much matter, but hopefully I'll sleep en route...

This will be my last entry for probably a week or so. I imagine that access to teh Intarnets will not be high on my list of priorities in Vancouver. :P Given the time frame, though, there is NO EXCUSE for you people not to have replied to the imaginary-fic-meme I put up yesterday, by the time I get back. Even you who read and have no lj of your owns. I know you're out there. Hit me. I may end up actually writing the fic if I like the title enough, if that's any incentive. ^_~

Carolyn, I've drafted your Bebop/ST:OS crossover. I want to edit it more before I post it, though, and it's kind of Ed-centric... I hope you don't mind...

Rachel, I have not forgotten your P&P request. It's still percolating. Austen requires a different approach, since it's the actual writing style, not just the characters, that I have to work with. I'll get to it, I promise!

I feel like I had more to say, but I forget. O! I remember. Watched Graeme play FFV last night. Yes, V. It's awesome. You can customize your character class. He made his main character a Blue Mage. :D He's a Black Mage now, because G got sick of having no offensive magic and the imitative magic skill takes some time to kick in. But a Blue Mage! I've never seen one before, at least not labeled as such. I guess that's what Gau would have been. And would Relm count?

I also made biscuits. It was midnight or so, but we had no bread in the house and were hungry. And biscuits are the easiest thing under the sun.

I believe that was all. At any rate there was nothing earthshattering, so I'm sure you'll all survive without whatever it is I may have forgotten. Wow, grammar. I don't even know how to fix that, or even if it's actually wrong or just awkward.
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