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Feb. 21st, 2015

shoe love

so keep your head down, keep your hands where I can see them

Further to one of yesterday's items and for my own reference, I want to list all the sewing projects for which I have both fabric and a pattern (or a clear plan)


-waist cincher - split down the front & add hook/eyes, fix back lacing loops
-petticoat - add more pooooof
-pyjama pants for Isaac - remove waistband, add hip insets to fit, make new waistband

Regular Clothes:

-green corduroy yoked skirt
-dark purple princess seam narrow skirt dress
-heather green ponte knit wide leg trousers
-patterned jersey knit dohlman sleeve top
-mustard-lined taupe couture blazer - I don't know when I'm going to get to this because I have to learn new techniques and get like a tailor's ham and stuff
-summer dresses - yellow-embroidered teal, black, blue-and-pale-yellow plaid
-white-lined red riding hood long-sleeved reversible shrug - I don't have a pattern for this but I have a plan; might take a while to get to, though

Lolita Clothes:

-white ruffled skirt
-white bloomers
-reversible black and white diamond print shrug
-black bloomers
-black ruffled skirt
-other black stuff TBA idk I have ten yards of the stuff
-peacock skirt & related accessories - some kind of head bow probably at the very least

BONUS! Knitting Projects!

-light blue fluffy shrug (kill me now why is single-strand so hard to work with)
-some kind of white lace wrist ruffles - I have been lent a cone of white cobweb-weight yarn and I'm still in the experimentation stages

...I think this is everything. At any rate, it is a very comprehensive start.

Jan. 22nd, 2015



Yo. I have News.

let's see if I still remember the cut tag properlyCollapse )

Jan. 10th, 2015

shoe love

(no subject)

I keep doing this. I keep stepping out for months at a time and then popping my head back in and saying, hey, maybe I'll stay this time. And then I don't.

I write longhand on paper, sometimes, when I need to get things out, and a lot of my things are more personal than they used to be, because I've figured out with much greater accuracy how messed up I am. There are things I can't say here, not even in a locked post under a cut.

I blog on Tumblr and I can say a lot of them there. Not all of them, but a lot of them. I curate another side of myself there, one I can't show here, because I have a reputation to maintain in real life and potential employers or former students MIGHT make it here in a hop-skip-jump from a Google search of my name.

I don't want to leave, though. I miss what this journal used to be to me, but you guys are still here. I mean, most of you are also on Facebook and I see you there, but this place is different from that, and I don't want to abandon it.

This is not a farewell post. This is hello again, I love you; I can't make promises, but we'll see what happens.

Apr. 15th, 2014

shoe love

the fabric of my existence

I still don't want to be a teacher, at least not in a classroom. That may change if I get a job, and I do kind of enjoy subbing, so that's manageable for the time being. But I have made it a concrete life goal to become an opera singer for real. This time next year I should at least have a clear idea of my next steps, and be well on my way. For now, baby steps. Learning roles one at a time and finding my anchored soprano. Consulting the professionals I know. That sort of thing.

Lately I've been getting really into Lolita fashion again. You may remember the fairly intense phase I went through about five years ago; the flame hasn't died, it was just banked for a while. :P I've been hanging around a lot of Loli-related sites the last week or so, re-acquainting myself with the community and catching up on what's changed. There are so many more resources and accessible bloggers and tutorials than there used to be, my goodness. :D And a LOT of new brands. One I particularly like is a Korean brand called Haenuli, which seems to specialise in classy prints. The print that brought the brand to my attention is a stained glass print, which I love to death and lament that I can never buy (dresses too small); they've just released a Swan Lake-inspired print in collaboration with another brand, and it is also beautiful.

I'm basically getting really excited about this and my brain won't shut up with design possibilities, etc.; last time I sewed for Loli purposes, I a) didn't have as comprehensive / saturated an understanding of the fashion, and b) had not wholeheartedly embraced ruffles. Now, I'm like "four-tiered ruffle skirt? I should make one in THREE DIFFERENT COLOURS for VERSATILITY." XD

Also! I decided earlier in the week that if I get called in to sub on my birthday, that income is earmarked as a birthday present for myself. AND LO, one of the band teachers texted me yesterday asking if I could sub for the afternoon of the 12th. Sooooo I may have put in a rather large fabric order from JoAnn... a ton of black quilting cotton, which is somehow even cheaper than broadcloth usually goes for here?? Also some white quilting cotton and three different peacock prints. I also grabbed a couple of yards of this harlequin calico because how could I not? I'm thinking some kind of reversible shrug...

I'm also really excited about this weekend. Thursday is the Mass of the Lord's Supper and Sam and I are bringing up the chrism oil at the offertory; Friday is always fraught and I'm really looking forward to sharing it with all the catechumens and candidates in the RCIA program who've never been to a Good Friday service before; and Saturday is Easter Vigil, which is so beautiful and solemn and joyous, and I get to share it with my best friend for the first time.

...and also I may have volunteered as tribute cantor for the Litany of the Saints. That should be fun. :D

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Apr. 10th, 2014

shoe love


I've just deleted my surplus of icons. Aaaaaah.

(Explanation: I had a paid account for a few years. Extra icons, all that jazz. All but six of them became inactive when my paid account lapsed, so I've finally cleared out the extra fifty or so.)

I feel a little bereft, like I've let go of something precious, but the truth is that I don't use LJ in the intensive way I used to, so I don't feel the need for such nuanced expression via icon as I used to be capable of. I may upgrade to Premium at some point, but I suspect there's some kind of catch; extra storage and icons and whatnot for free? I suspect shenanigans, or more ads, or something.

Either way, most of my icons are now gone. I think I still have all of them somewhere, but just in case, I saved a few of my favourites before deleting them.

Okay, but the really important thing is that I am buying rocking horse shoes. Yes, really. :D

Not originals, of course, because real Vivienne Westwoods will run you seven hundred dollars or so, but there's a seller on ebay that sells replicas, just over a hundred CAD including shipping (just over a hundred = $100.65 at Tuesday's exchange rate). And it just happens that I'm booked for an under-the-table afternoon of band subbing next month, to be paid $100 out of the band budget, not through the system. SO.

(I know I'd be making almost that much if I got booked for the afternoon somewhere else, and that this is not technically "extra". I don't care. My sophistry is fit for a queen.)

By the way, in case anyone's wondering what rocking horse shoes are, they're the ones in my icon. The replicas don't have the black sole, but they do have the notch out of the back of the platform like the originals (some replicas just go straight down (BORING)).

I'm totally going to wear them with a punk/casual Snow White outfit at Animethon this summer and it's going to be amazing. :D

Mar. 25th, 2014

frieza - help



okay, in case that wasn't awesome enough, that's a Vocaloid cover.

I want ALL THEIR MUSIC. NOW. Classical Japanese fused with metal is what Naruto was trying to do with their soundtrack, man.

Mar. 22nd, 2014

frieza - help

night after night i hear the hungry deer wander weeping in the woods

It has been a long, rough winter. I am so sick of being sick. I think I've been sick more than I've been well, and it's starting to scare me.

Currently: bronchitis. Day three. Hopefully I begin some kind of upswing soon, because this is getting old.

And the weather? Not helping. My room is starting to smell like a sick room and I can't open the window, because, oh, yeah, SNOW. This is the time of year when the weather's all like "IT'S STILL MARCH, MOTHERFUCKERS" and I'm all like "oh... right. >_<"

I need to make some changes, once I'm not sick anymore. I say this every time, but it's getting serious. A couple of years ago, looking ahead, I said I wanted to be "physically competent" by the time I was thirty. At the time, that meant, like, capable of doing actual push-ups and maybe running again, or at least doing some kind of regular and relatively strenuous movement like karate or something.

Now? I just want to be keeping regular hours, eating well*, and capable of taking daily walks in sometimes-chilly weather without getting a cold.

I have just under two months to accomplish this. I don't think it's beyond my reach.

*for a highly subjective definition of "well". I already eat fruit and vegetables and good protein, and I don't plan on, like, eliminating butter or anything silly like that. I just have balance issues (particularly surrounding chocolate), and I may need to investigate some potential food sensitivities.

Mar. 21st, 2014


upon the second anniversary of receiving news of one's father's passing

I find I no longer have a strictly appropriate icon for this situation. Hmm.

putting this under a cut because it is long and discusses deathCollapse )

Jan. 7th, 2014

frieza - help

a numbered list for your convenience, or perhaps for mine

01) I'm fic bingeing again. Time to start writing more and reading (from a screen) less. (I have books from last Christmas that I haven't read, damn it.)

02) Christmas holiday messed me up. I'm sick and my sleep schedule is all over the place. It's almost 3am right now and I don't know how that happened. That needs to change.

03) I don't remember what structured days feel like. This is a problem that I cannot fix while I am still sick.

04) Sam comes home tomorrow. I've missed her badly.

05) For the millionth time, I need to stop living in my head. But I have discovered and will likely continue discovering that simply recognising a problematic behaviour pattern does not actually do anything concrete towards changing it.

06) I probably shouldn't be posting when I'm feeling grey, but I suppose I'm not obligated to be the shiny happy person all the time. At any rate, sorry if this is depressing.

07) I don't really have anything else to say. I just wanted to leave things on a prime number.

Jan. 5th, 2014

frieza - help

*blows off the dust*

Wow. Hi. It's been a while.

I never meant to be one of those people who disappeared to Tumblr and was never seen again, but, well. That is exactly what happened.

I blame One Direction. Well, I mean, in reality I take full responsibility, because I am a damn adult and my choices and actions are my own, but the catalyst was absolutely One Direction.

It actually feels strange to be here. That's partly because I never got used to the "new" (not so new anymore, I guess) post draft format, and partly because, well, it's been a while.

I just checked and it's only been since I posted my Big Bang, and before that my Pacific Rim reaction post, so, like, summer. Which doesn't feel like that long ago when I think about the summer as a whole, but really, when I think about it, it's 2014 now. And I've had a whole semester of full-time teaching in the interim.

Let's talk about that for a bit. Not too much, because I'm still processing a lot, but it was mostly a good experience and made me realise that, if I'm going to teach in an elementary school, I want to be the music teacher. There are a couple of reasons for this.

01) I have the skill set for it and I don't have to worry so much about core curriculum.

02) When you teach every kid in the school, playground supervision is so much less daunting. I mean, sure, I had to learn a hundred names this fall, to supplement the fifty or sixty I knew of the kids I'd already taught last year when I was part-time, but even so.

Also, I was a homeroom teacher for the first time. LA and Math, grade 5. Could not possibly have asked for a better set of kids. Learned so much from them. Taught them a few things. Overextended myself multiple times, including the leadup to the Christmas concert, the planning and execution of which was another first for me.

I'm back to subbing this term. I haven't told any of the boards yet, partly because I forgot before Christmas, partly because I didn't check if they were open this week, and partly because we were visiting Flan this week and now I'm sick. I figure these are all good and valid reasons. I'll call them all on Monday.

How are you all? I know I've missed a lot. I'm sorry. While I communicate with most of you elsewhere, I feel bad for just disappearing from LJ like that without warning. I'll try not to do it again.

In other news, I've bought a corset. Story and possibly pictures forthcoming, because it is freaking beautiful and I love it even though it doesn't actually do what I intended and commissioned it to do. But that's a story for another day. Good night, everyone. ♥

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