fiat voluntas tua

I like some light with my darkness.

Part-time music teacher praying for full-time. I get excited over just about everything and will fangirl at the drop of a hat, but am also capable of carrying on a rational discussion about just about anything.

I'm that happy shiny person you want to punch when you're having a crap day. That being said, I'm not without compassion. If I know you're having a crap day, I'll try not to aggravate you. Promise.

Now that I'm getting more involved in fandom at all, I should probably put this here: if you'd like to friend me, go ahead! You don't have to tell me, but I'd appreciate a comment to that effect if you feel like it. I like to know who's reading. ^_^ Unless I know you through fandom or a mutual friend, though, I probably won't friend you back, and possibly not even then. I only lock personal posts that I'd rather keep to people I trust, so you're not missing much.

Necessary addendum since LJ has done something stupid again: don't crosspost my stuff. Don't crosspost comments on my stuff. Facebook doesn't know about my LJ and I'd like to keep it that way. Thanks. ^_^

All my Fruits Basket icons were made with screencaps from http://daisuki.owarinai.net/furuba/, which I believe is now largely defunct, unfortunately. I'm crediting it anyway, because it was a great site. Also, I made my own Miyavi mood set and it took forever, and I'm very proud of it even though it's not really all that great.